Are you aiming Towards the Motorcycle Act- Here’s all you need to know

Do you know the moment you try connecting ต่อ พรบ รถจักรยานยนต์ or some mandatory insurance of motorcycle is more essential than you think because Motorcycle Act will go on to cover the medical expense in the event of the accident while riding the bike?

Why would you need the Motorcycle Act?

Whether an individual, believe it or not, every year about hundreds of thousands of dangerous accidents on roads is taking place. Because the medical bill is so expensive in modern days, you’d have to spend hundreds & thousands of dollars as medical expenses on yourself without a statute. And there’s also a fine of nearly 10,000 baht; in case if there’s no act, you’ll be unable to extend your motorcycle tax too. 

What protections do you get from the Motorcycle Act?

You’ll be covered with the following:

  1. The Preliminary damage (where you need not prove it as right or wrong)
  2. The Medical expenses (injury paid, however, not over the limit), i.e., 30,000 baht/person
  3. In case of the permanent disability or call it the total permanent disability where the limit is 35,000 baht/person
  4. In case of immediate death (the funeral fee), i.e., 35,000 baht/person
  5. In case of death & injury

– An actual expenses on medical not exceeding over 30,000 baht/person

– The Funeral cost would be 35,000 baht/person

  1. The Imitation skull would be 35,000 baht/person

What documents are being used to claim a Motorcycle Act?

Following documents are required-

  •  A copy of the ID card with the valid certificate copy
  • A copy of the driving license with a legitimate copy certificate
  • A copy of the vehicle registration
  • A copy of the house registration for wrong and right parties
  • The table page of the Thai Police Act
  • The routine record from Cops
  • The receipt of the medical expenses
  • The medical certificate

How much does this motorcycle act cost?

Wondering about getting connected with the Motorcycle Act and have no clue about how much does it cost? Don’t worry just to put it on record; the motorcycle cost’s price will depend on the size of the vehicle’s engine. The larger will be the capacity of the machine, the higher the price will be.

However, if you wish to check the premium price, you may look on the website, and you’ll find it.