Get the best tips on how to recognize fake companies online

Almost no person in the world has not heard that the Internet is an excellent place for various malversations and frauds by cybercriminals. Considering that today everyone can open their own company and create a website, it is no wonder why a large number of scammers commit their scams on the Internet, stealing people’s money and personal information.

Like many fake companies with fake production, scam sites have unfortunately become a harsh reality and a dark side of the Internet. Although it is sometimes complicated to spot them and protect yourself from such scams, there are always ways you can reduce the chances of such scams happening to you.

We will present you with the most effective tips on how to recognize fake sites and companies, as well as the way you can feel safe on the Internet.

Research everything about the company on Google in detail

They say that if someone or something is not on Google, it probably doesn’t even exist. Today, there are so many sites and reviews about various things that it is almost impossible not to find some information about something that is of interest to you.

Detailed research of a suspicious company on Google should be the number one priority because you will surely dig up something important to you. A single comment or rating is enough to point you to some things. Imagine what you could find online if you put in a bit of effort?

Comments from former and current users are the most relevant indicator of who you are dealing with. If you do not find any additional information or comments, ask yourself if that company even exists. It is likely a scam.

They offer unrealistically significant discounts.

Have you come across a company, for example, that sells clothes or cosmetics online and that offers unrealistically significant discounts? An item that typically costs maybe $ 100 sells for only 10, for example?

Although discounts are ubiquitous with regular companies, always ask yourself if items are sold at a meager price, almost constantly. It doesn’t have to mean right away that it’s a scam, but it can mean that the clothes themselves are fake and of poor quality.

The site name contains clickbait terms.

While some sites may present themselves on behalf of huge, world-famous brands, others would entice people with clickbait terms such as “,” for example.

Any domain that looks extra promotional is more likely to be scammed and store various viruses that can significantly ruin your computer or smartphone.

It does not contain terms & conditions or returns policy.

The site of every legitimate company contains pages called “terms and conditions,” alongside returns policy. If your preferred company doesn’t include these pages, it’s likely a scam or a fake company that will steal your personal information and bank account details to sell them or take your cash for nothing.

Always make sure your chosen company includes information about how and where to return a faulty item, what are the company’s plans for your shared data, and are there any extra-contractual rights for you as a customer, and what are they exactly. Therefore, don’t miss to check it out.