How To Hire An Accountant: What Factors To Consider

Knowing how to hire an accountant is very important; after all, this is one of the most strategic professionals when it comes to controlling your company’s financial health. However, this is not an easy task. When choosing the right accountant for your company, it is essential to consider several factors to make the right decision.

More than just a person who will take care of bureaucracy, an accountant such as Susan S. Lewis, Ltd for example can help you, who manages a company, make strategic decisions based on financial data. So, let’s learn how to hire an accountant? Check out the article we prepared.

How To Hire An Accountant What To Consider

Having doubts about hiring an accountant is natural, especially if you’ve never gone through this process before. To help you make the right decision, we have separated some essential tips on choosing the most suitable accounting professional for your company. See now:

What Services Will Be Performed

Before hiring an accountant, you must clearly define the scope of services you expect to be performed.

Different activities into different categories, such as processes that will be done internally, processes that will be done externally, mixed processes with action by both parties. Some of the main services offered by accountants are help in starting a business, assistance with payroll management, audit, tax services, and more.

Amounts Charged

An interesting feature of outsourced accountants is the affordable cost of their services. This helps your company control the budget more efficiently and still get a quality service. Be sure to compare prices, but also consider the cost-benefit of professionals. The cheapest service is not always the one that brings the most benefits to your company.

Transparency And Good Communication

Reliable accounting services always disclose essential information about their own business. Some of the data you need to track are:

Accountants’ registration number at the Regional Accounting Council (CRC);

Opinion of the regularity of the office.

This information must be described in easily accessible places, such as the website.

Experience in your industry

As in any other area, some accountants are more specialized than others.

Having an accountant with experience in your segment is important because it can help streamline processes and improve results.

Therefore, it is worth researching whether the accountant in question has experience in your company’s activity area.


In this article, we explain all the processes involved in hiring an accounting professional. We also talk about how hiring an accountant can bring competitive advantages to your company, making it more agile and profitable.