Importance of critical illness insurance plans for women

In the last few years, there has been a rise in the cases of critical illnesses among women. One of the biggest all maladies, cancer, is a big danger to women’s health as lakhs of women get diagnosed with breast cancer and cervical cancer each year. And although it is not often talked about, heart diseases affect women in a large number too. Are you, as a woman, prepared to cope with the financial demands of such diseases? Your family health insurance policies may not be adequate for the treatment of diseases like cancer. A critical illness health insurance policy might help in this regard. Let’s explore why and how.

Regular family health insurance may not be enough 

Most women rely on their family health insurance policies for their health needs. However, the treatment for a critical illness has very different needs. The indemnity-based health insurance plans may not work for the recurrent demands on finances that a critical illness brings along. A critical illness insurance policy, with its feature of paying a lump sum payment on the diagnosis of a covered critical illness, is a great solution here. You can use the claim amount for any reasons you deem fit. If you wish to get treatment abroad, then the claim amount can be used not only for the foreign treatment but also to pay for the flight tickets.

There is a rise in life-threatening diseases amongst women

In the last few years, the healthcare sector has seen an increase in critical illnesses amongst Indians. Amongst women, the most common form of cancer to be seen is breast cancer. In 2020, there were estimated to be around 2 lakh cases of breast cancer in India with experts warning that the number could reach to more than 8 lakhs by 2025. Other illnesses such as organ failure are also on the rise. The reasons for such illnesses are usually attributed to two factors – genetic and/or environmental. While you can follow a healthy lifestyle to reduce the genetic risks, it is also a wise idea to be prepared financially for the worst-case scenario with a critical illness insurance policy.

Coverage includes a wide variety of surgeries and medical procedures

Many people are under the impression that a critical illness health insurance policy covers only illnesses. However, that is untrue. Besides diseases such as benign brain tumour, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, and so on, surgical procedures such as major organ transplant, open heart replacement surgery, and open chest CABG are also covered. Do contact your insurer for a detailed list of what is covered and what is excluded.

Helps to stay financially independent during an illness

As many may be aware, the financial cost of dealing with critical illnesses is quite high. Due to the prolonged nature of the treatment too, the need for funds to take care of the patient increases. If women are equipped with a critical illness insurance policy, they would not have to worry about the drain on their finances. It is important to remember that a critical illness might require you to stop working for a while. The payout can help you afford all expenses that arise during this time.  You can use the amount to afford your rent, buy groceries, and even pay any bills that arise.

Do speak to an insurance provider about critical illness insurance coverage for true peace of mind today. Take care.