Important Information Regarding Insurance for Your Suzuki Access

In India, 150cc two-wheelers are highly popular since they offer the right balance between costs, fuel efficiency, and handling to bike owners. Many manufacturers have launched various bikes in this segment to cater to the high demand. The Suzuki Access 125 is one of the most popular bikes in the under 150 cc segment. It is competitively priced and is a handsome-looking bike with optimum performance. When you decide to buy a Suzuki Access, you also need to think about the type of insurance for 2-wheelers you would want for it.

You can opt for a third-party bike insurance policy that offers third-party liability coverage or a comprehensive Suzuki Access 125 insurance policy that includes third-party liabilities and own damage cover. If you have decided to buy comprehensive insurance for Access 125, then make sure that you compare two-wheeler insurance providers and plans and choose the one that caters to your needs. In this article, we will talk about some important information that you need to know about Suzuki Access insurance.

Importance of Buying Suzuki Access 125 Insurance

Suzuki two-wheelers are known to create sturdy vehicles that offer a safe riding experience. However, even the best bikes and best drivers cannot completely avoid road accidents or collisions. These incidents can damage your bike or injure you. If your bike causes any damage to third-party property or persons, it becomes your responsibility. Hence, you must pay for the repairs or medical treatments and compensate the affected party. These costs can derail your finances and cause stress.

With a comprehensive Suzuki Access insurance policy, the insurer takes care of all the third-party liabilities and costs associated with repairing your bike if it is damaged in an accident or collision, regardless of who caused the mishap.

It also safeguards you financially against damages to your vehicle due to fire, theft, natural calamities, or man-made disasters.

How Can You Buy Suzuki Access 125 Insurance?

Here is a quick look at how you can buy a comprehensive Suzuki Access insurance policy online:

  • Visit the insurer’s website.
  • Enter the details of your bike along with its registration number.
  • Add personal details like your name, address, etc.
  • Choose a comprehensive bike insurance policy under the type of insurance.
  • Choose the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your bike.
  • Select add-on covers based on the customisation you need.
  • Choose the voluntary deductible amount carefully, as it reduces the sum assured while decreasing the premium of the policy.
  • The insurer will display a quote with the Suzuki Access 125 insurance amount and other terms.
  • If you are comfortable with the quote, then pay the premium
  • Receive the policy certificate and other documents at your registered email address

If you already have a Suzuki Access insurance policy, you can also renew it online hassle-free. Just make sure you carefully review the policy wording and understand the inclusions and exclusions before signing the dotted line.

Some Things to Remember Before Buying Suzuki Access 125 Insurance

  • Buying the policy online can save you a lot of time and money. Many insurers offer discounted rates for online policies compared to offline ones since they cost them less.
  • While these policies are comprehensive, the coverage offers certain restrictions. Hence, it is important to go through the policy’s wording carefully and understand the scope and extent of the cover.
  • Add-on covers can help you customise the policy as per your needs. However, they come at a price. Hence, ensure that the premium you are paying for an add-on cover is worth the benefits it offers.
  • Many bike owners choose a higher voluntary deductible to reduce the premium of the bike insurance policy. However, before you opt for a higher deductible, it is important to understand that it is the amount you will have to pay every time you file a claim. While the insurer reduces the premium for higher deductibles, be practical while choosing the amount

Summing Up

The Suzuki Access 215 cc was launched in 2007 and is undeniably one of the top five scooters in the under-125 cc segment. It has a fuel capacity of around 5.6 litres and offers a mileage of around 50-52 kilometres per litre. This scooter is ideal for urban transport and is easy to handle and navigate. When you look for a bike insurance plan for your Suzuki Access 125, make sure that you consider your expected use of the vehicle to choose the right set of features and add-ons. Good Luck!