What Should You Know About the Two-Wheeler Insurance Fine?

When you’re driving on the road, you are under the moral obligation to be a careful driver and follow all the rules. Following these regulations can help you the danger to your life or that of a third-party person or vehicle. If you do not uphold the laws set by the authorities, you may end up injuring someone or damaging their vehicle. Such an event can lead to you facing heavy financial losses. However, for the financial protection required in these situations, you can get two wheeler insurance.

A bike insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurer where the insurance company provides monetary support for dealing with damages to your own car or third-party property and injuries to you or a third-party person. You can purchase the bike insurance policy online from the insurer’s website.

The insurance companies provide an online bike insurance calculator on their website to make it easy for customers to choose from various plans. Along with this, you can also get the 2-wheeler insurance renewal done online. Since the insurance policy document is a vital document required by the law, insurance companies have taken these steps to make the process of insurance purchase easy. Apart from the legal compulsion, the policy can be quite beneficial for handling the financial burden from damage costs or injuries.

What happens if you drive your vehicle without a valid bike insurance policy? 

The MVA (Motor Vehicles Act) states that it is against the law and a punishable offence to drive a bike without the insurance policy. Every vehicle driven on the road must have a valid insurance policy or at least a third-party cover.

What is the fine amount charged if caught without a valid policy?

The penalty amount charged for the first offence of driving the bike without an insurance policy is ₹2000. In extreme cases, the offence penalty can also lead to imprisonment for up to 3 months. If a bike owner is caught without a valid policy for the second time, they will face a higher penalty of ₹4000 or 3-month prison time. Repeated offence can lead to permanent suspension of the driving licence.

Are the fines applicable to all vehicle types?

Yes, the fines levied on individuals without valid policies are similar for all vehicles. This includes two-wheelers, four-wheelers and commercial vehicles.

What steps should you take if you’re caught without a bike insurance policy? 

If a traffic officer stops you for driving a vehicle without a valid insurance policy, this is what they will instruct you to do:

  • You will need to stop the vehicle on the road-side or near the officer’s cabin.
  • The officer will ask you for some necessary documents like the car’s Registration Certificate and your driving license. If you can produce the documents you are asked for and if the documents are in order, you won’t face any charges.

If an individual cannot provide the insurance policy or any other document, they will be issued a challan. The individual will have to pay the challan either online or offline.

  • Offline process of paying the challan:

You will need to visit the police station nearest to you and ask for the pending fine against you. Their database will hold all the information about the pending penalties. It is advised that vehicle owners get their fines cleared Janitorial Cleaning Services Insurance as soon as possible.

  • Online process of paying the challan:
  • Visit your state’s transport authority website.
  • Find the section for the traffic challan payment or the e-challan payment.
  • Enter the challan number or your vehicle’s number and any other details required for clearing the violation.
  • Once the steps listed above are complete, the website will direct you to the page indicating the amount you will have to pay and the payment modes through which you can pay. Individuals can make the payment either through their debit or credit cards or use the UPI system.
  • Once you’ve completed the payment, you will get a message confirming your payment, and the authorities will send you a receipt for the same.
  • A failure to make the payment can result in higher fines the next time you get caught without a policy.

Steps to follow if you want to avoid these fines

  1. Keep a hard copy of all the necessary documents like your driving license, RC and pollution certificate in your vehicle.
  2. Hold a soft copy of these documents on your phone as well.
  3. Ensure that you do not miss out on the renewal date for your policy. A failure to do so leads to your bike getting inspected once again by the insurance company before selling you a new policy. Holding an expired policy while driving can also lead to hefty fines.
  4. When you buy a new vehicle, you must purchase an insurance policy for it as soon as possible. A third-party liability cover is a legal compulsion by the law, as it will provide monetary support to any individual facing damages or injuries due to your vehicle.

When you are buying a new bike insurance policy, your insurance provider will take several risk factors into consideration. If they realise that you are careless about traffic fines and your insurance papers, you may face problems buying a two-wheeler policy or may also face an insurance claim rejection later on.